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The aim of Stacey Miller Consultancy is to provide an affordable and flexible service that is interactive and up to date focusing on improving the delivery of substance misuse and mental health awareness, education and training.




‘Stacey is a natural enthusiast and is clearly very passionate about her work as well as being highly knowledgeable and engaging.  She is very professional and creative in her mission to educate young people.  I look forward to more joint working in the future.’

-   Clare Buckler, head of PSHE, Hamble Community Sports College, Hampshire

The misuse of drugs and alcohol accounts for billions of pounds to society in NHS, crime and employer costs.  There are a countless number of consequences from drinking too much and taking illicit drugs, some of which are:

  • Unplanned pregnancies and STDs
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Sexual assaults
  • Losing your job, house, family, partner etc
  • Mental health disorders such as depression
  • Increase A & E rates
  • Anti social behaviour
  • Crime
  • Injuries
  • Overdose

Working together we can help to reduce these consequences and improve the potential in society from us as practitioners and to our service users.

What makes me different from other training providers is that not only do I have the professional experience, but also the personal experience of all the courses I deliver either through myself, friends or family members.  I also aim to make training events as informal and fun as possible even if they are depressing and morbid subjects!

Check out my article I wrote for ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) on the cost of substance misuse to employers:


New training dates coming up:

**** Working with Families Affected by Substance Misuse 9 June 2016, Eastleigh.  Click here for flyer   ****

**** Child Sexual Exploitation lecture, 13 June 3:30-5pm.  Click here for flyer ****

**** New Psychoactive Substances lecture: law update and trends 6 July 2:30-4pm.  Click here for flyer ****

**** Understanding Self Harm, Wednesday 12 October, Eastleigh.  Click here for flyer ****

Please take 1 minute to vote on what training you would like me to deliver next:  http://goo.gl/QPMwc4 

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