Positive wellbeing resources

NEW mental health toolkit for teenagers ready to launch for April 2020.  Designed for any professional or organisation working with young people.  Email me on info@staceymillerconsultancy.co.uk for more details!

Some designs are wallet cards and most are double sided postcards with the image on the front and information on the back!

Click on the links below to view the content.  Please note you will be unable to print them due to copyright laws. All cards are 25p each.  For an order form, click here! 


COVID-19 SPECIAL OFFER!  NEW packs available with all 15 postcards for just £5!


Anger management                                                                      

Anti bullying wallet card




Food and mood


Panic attacks

Positive thinking for adults

Positive thinking for young people

Recovery position card (front)

Recovery position card (back)

Relationship rights wallet card

Self care

Self harm



Top 10 happy tips

Plus a self help mental health toolkit coming soon!


Free presentations:

Free food and mood quiz click here!

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