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On a mission to Spreading kindness, positivity and gratitude through training and education.

My name is Stacey Miller and I have 20 years professional experience in the field of substance misuse and mental health working with all sectors to upskill their staff.

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When you start a business, you need to figure out your ‘why’ and it is simply to prevent and educate!


When you hit crisis with substance misuse, mental health or domestic abuse, it is super hard to get out of it and be extremely traumatic affecting the rest of your life and everyone around you.

For example, you normally hit rock bottom losing all of your friends and family, home, job etc before you get on the road to recovery from drugs. I have lost friends to drugs and went to my first funeral at 18 years old because of this. I also have chaotic drug abusing family members, one of which is my brother who often steals from me blaming my over confident personality!

For example, you are more likely to be murdered by your partner or ex partner, when you try and leave them. For the record, 2 women a week are murdered by their partner or ex partner in this country so its very serious!

For example, it takes you years if ever, to recover from a burn out from too much stress. It doesn’t just have a knock on effect on your mental health, but affects your physical health too. Interesting fact: too much cortisol in your body weakens your immune system. Cortisol is produced when you have too much stress! I had arthritis in 2019 because I wasn’t looking after myself. I also still feel incredibly guilty for a friends suicide in the same year because I didn’t see the signs.

I don’t disclose this for pity and if I am honest, I have plenty of other sad stories but the reason I tell you this, it screams out PREVENT these problems from happening in the first place. But how!?


The way to prevent is to create awareness and educate, such as the warning signs of an abusive relationship or the dangers of illicit substances and managing peer pressure.

Unless you are high level need, the truth is you can sort yourself out if you put the effort in. you certainly don’t need to hang around for a waiting list to clear! With the right tools and guidance, you can have a very well equipped toolbox to be the best version of yourself! My Happy Kits are prime examples of cost effective advice for either yourself or to signpost people to. Add my training to the mix and you’ve got one hell of a positivity package!

If you are interested in my credentials, I have a degree in criminal justice studies with psychology, have a mental health first aid workplace qualification and my DANOS standards. Not to mention my Education and Training award which means I teach my stuff to a high standard! I have lots more training certificates and always happy to share more information with you if this floats your boat!

I am proud of running 16 youth conferences, one of which was the first online during the pandemic. Also at the start of the pandemic I wrote bespoke wellbeing training for Microsoft and trained up teams all over the world. I have written over 50 training packages and have designed educational resources for schools all over the UK. Needless to say I am ambitious and am a big fan of self development!

Everything I do comes from a huge heart and lots of love. I genuinely feel I have been put on this planet to make people feel good! It can be a tough negative world out there and we should all do our bit to make a difference. That includes you getting in touch and working with me!

Lets work together and empower people to gain control over their lives and fulfill their potential in society.

Estimates show that the social and economic costs of alcohol related harm amount to £21.5bn, while harm from illicit drug use costs £10.7bn. These include costs associated with deaths, the NHS, crime and, in the case of alcohol, lost productivity.

 (, 2018)

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On a mission to Spreading kindness, positivity and gratitude through training and education.

My name is Stacey Miller and I have 20 years professional experience in the field of substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse working with all sectors to upskill their staff.
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