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Question: Can adults use the Happy Kit?

Yes! Shrunk down and streamlined with young people in mind, the mini Happy Kitβ„’ is just Β£10 and includes notes pages, information, tips and guides on 14 wellbeing topics including;
πŸ‘ Affirmations
😫 Anxiety
πŸ˜” Bereavement
😞 Depression
🍏 Food & Mood
😍 Gratitude
πŸ’· Money
😨 Panic Attacks
🀩 Positive Thinking
πŸ’œ Self Care
😴 Sleep
😟 Stress
😊 Top 10 Happy Tips!
πŸ’»Β Work/Life Balance

Purchase your Mini Adult Happy Kit today, for just Β£10

Thank you Lianne for your Happy Kit Testimonial!

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