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Question: Could parents use it?

Yes!  Mental health issues are definitely on the increase and will be for some time unfortunately.  Waiting lists are also on the increase with young people having to wait 12-18 months to see a specialist mental health team! So prevention and education is crucial unless you want to spend your savings on private counselling!


The parent Happy Kit is completely affordable at £15 and covers 14 areas of wellbeing with tops tips and strategies!

Purchase your Happy Kit today!

Tailored for Parent’s this version of the Happy Kit contains facts and strategy tips as well as a handy notes section on the following 14 common wellbeing topics:

👍 Affirmations
😡 Anger Management
😫 Anxiety
😔 Bereavement
😞 Depression
🍏 Food & Mood
😍 Gratitude
😨 Panic Attacks
🤩 Positive Thinking
💜 Self Care
😖 Self Harm
😴 Sleep
😟 Stress
😊 Top 10 Happy Tips!

Happy Kit Case Study

Thank you to Solent Youth Action for embracing The Happy Kit and this wonderful case study.

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On a mission to Spreading kindness, positivity and gratitude through training and education.

My name is Stacey Miller and I have 20 years professional experience in the field of substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse working with all sectors to upskill their staff.
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