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How Useful Are Pre-recorded Webinars Really!?

How useful are pre-recorded webinars really!?

You’ll already know I love training because it’s my job! But there’s ways of doing it well and not so well! The pandemic has pushed us to work online more which I resisted at first but now embrace its benefits. Pre-recorded webinars certainly have a place in continuing professional development aka CPD.

So what are the advantages?

  • Perfect for bite size learning. No one should be staring a screen for too long especially when trying to learn. You just won’t take in and retain the info. Up to an hour is ideal!
  • Can be used anywhere in the world! The wonders of online learning mean its not constrained to one geographical area.
  • Watch it whenever you like! In your own time works better than being forced at a set hour.
  • You also have the option to watch as many times as you want. Perfect if you need to recap on any particular data.
  • You are able to watch on your own or a part of a group or team. Or you could use the session and lead it with a group of learners. This also adds great value for money. One purchase for many people. Boom!
  • Pre-recorded webinars can be embedded in existing e-learning programmes. For example, they could be included in a staff induction programme.
  • Extra bonus is some training will often include free downloadable resources and mine always will! Everyone knows it takes hours to write a quiz or presentation so I’ve created them for you to save you time!

Hope you like my webinar library, payable via PayPal or request an invoice if easier!  Visit my online shop to check them out!

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