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Some people find talking about their own experiences with mental health, difficult. It can feel daunting as there is no easy way to start this kind of conversation. This is why Stacey Miller decided to create something that can help support these conversations around mental health. And also, to highlight the things that exacerbate the different symptoms.

Work Life Balance Postcard – #mentalhealth

Each card offers a talking point, from Anger Management and Stress to Mindfulness and Sleep. There are cards that support self-care, panic attacks and anxiety. And there are even cards that explain different types of drugs and their effects and risks.

Starting the conversation around Mental Health

These cards can help young people start conversations with friends, family, or even teachers about their feelings. It can open conversations around the subject on the card. Because there are so many different cards the conversations are limitless. This will ultimately help support those that are vulnerable in their mental health journey.

Stamping out the stigma

They can also be used to stamp out the stigma attached to some of the subjects the postcards bravely address. We can’t deny the world is finally changing for the better. We are being more open about our mental health and the way we have those all-important conversations. By using these tools to explain stress, anxiety, and depression, young people can help reduce the stigma and become more confident in their conversations.

Raising awareness around Mental Health

Another way to use the cards is simply to share them and raise awareness about mental health issues. By sharing information about stress, anxiety, and depression, they can help others understand what they are going through and why they might be struggling. They can be used for that all-important conversation starter with a loved one about what is going on. Why they are behaving the way they have been and reading all the information on the back together could start them on a healing journey.

Just the beginning

For Stacey, this is just the beginning. The postcards have already helped so many to start conversations, raise awareness, and help stamp out stigma. They are being used to identify different ways to communicate what the individual is going through and educate others that do not necessarily know anything about what triggers mental health struggles. The benefits are endless, and they will only keep growing. To buy your very own bundle click here – Postcards.

How is your happiness looking lately?

In the true spirit of sharing how we are feeling and ways to manage our emotions – why not check out The Happy Kit. This booklet covers 14 common mental health issues. This includes anxiety, bereavement, and depression. Not only offering advice, but strategies for understanding the young people in their lives and how to implement positive changes.

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