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Kindness Begins At Home

Kindness begins at home

Mental Health Awareness Week: Kindness is the over arching theme this year… We’re given so may ideas about being kind to others, but first, you need to be kind to yourself!

Kindness radiates from within once you are kind to yourself you have the capacity to share that light with others.

Kindness starts with YOU - A women is drinking coffee and reading a book, she is looking after herself, so she can look after others.

Take time to be more self-aware and try to deal with any negative feelings.

We’re so aware, especially on social media of being kind to others #bekind but how often to do we think about ourselves?

We’re SO quick to put ourselves down when we do something “wrong” or if we hate something about ourselves. This is draining and will also drain from our kindness capacity for others.

Kindness starts at home

Next time you need a little kindness in your life, reflect inwards and remember:
💜 YOU are worthy of kindness too
💜 It is OK to make mistakes
💜 It is OK to take time for yourself.
💜 It is OK to accept kindness from others, it’s not weak and you deserve it.
💜 You ARE valued.
💜 YOU need and deserve self care, you cannot give from an empty cup!

What are you going to do this week to take care of yourself, so you can be kind to others?

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