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Top Tips For Lockdown Tipples

Top tips for lockdown tipples

My top tips for safer drinking during lockdown!

I think most people can admit their drinking has crept up over this period. But be careful, you don’t want to start (or get!) a drinking problem!

Here’s a few tips from me from a professional point of view but also personal as I am quite partial to a drink or two!

🍺 Delay your first drink! When you start, its often hard to stop. So
delay even if by an hour!

🍷 Alternative drinks with a soft drink or water. This will ensure you don’t drink that much and will keep you hydrated so you don’t feel hanging the next day!

🍺 Water down your drinks, i.e. have lemonade with your wine or have more tonic than normal

🍷 Drink your soft drinks in a wine glass/pint glass etc. it will give you an unconscious illusion you are drinking alcohol when you’re not.

🍺 Try and have two days off together not drinking. Your liver needs a break.

🍷 Go easy driving the next day. It takes 1 hour for your body to
process 1 unit. So if you’ve drunk a bottle of wine (10 units) will take 10 hours meaning you may not be safe to drive. Don’t get done for drink driving, police often do random morning checks!

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