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Anxiety And Your Mental Health.⁠

Anxiety and your mental health.⁠

⁠What is anxiety?⁠⁠

Anxiety is one of the one most common mental health problems along with depression. It’s important to feel some level of anxiety and that it’s a natural response to when we feel that we are under threat. However, if it’s something that affects your day to day life, then it can become problematic.⁠

How can I lower my anxiety levels?⁠

Simple changes can involve getting more sleep, eating healthier, becoming more active and practising mindfulness. There are plenty of self help through books and apps and if needed, there are talking therapies available like cognitive behaviour therapy through the NHS or privately that can also help. If the anxiety is moderate to severe, a doctor will also look at medication options as well.⁠

Is there anything I can do at home?

In last week’s Q&A I talked about anxiety, stress and ways to cope. Self care and meditation are hot topics right now and rightly so, it is a brilliant way to calm yourself and get your head back into the right place.

Meditation can get a bad rap, its not all gongs and incense – unless that’s your thing! It can be as simple as breathing exercises or taking a few minutes before bed to calm your thoughts.

If you’re unsure of how to start there are numerous apps and websites out there such as; Headspace Calm and my personal favourite Insight Timer

With more than 27,000 guided meditations and community groups covering everything from sleep and anxiety to meditation for kids and yoga – there’s a huge range of options to try.

What are you doing this week to chill out and keep those negative thoughts at bay?

Looking for more positive wellbeing help and resources?

Get in touch to find out more about my various workshops, as well as my range of postcards and The Happy Kit! Ideal for personal use as well as for homeschooling, teens and for youth workers.

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