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Creating Positive Social Media Experiences

Creating positive social media experiences

Online life is here to stay and has become essential for most people during lockdown as a way to maintain social contact and feel less lonely. However, with all the good, comes the bad. How can you use Social Media to your advantage and foster a positive online lifestyle?

One way is to do a bit of social spring cleaning, maybe a bit of Marie Kondo style thought… does it bring you joy?

Unfollow or mute accounts that have turned into mood hoovers and time thieves. Do their posts/content inspire you, make you happy, or are they frustrating, make you feel bad about yourself, or are generally negative? If it’s the latter, ditch it!

Cut down on accounts, most of us have one or two socials, Facebook and Instagram, maybe Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat… the list goes on.

Do you NEED to be on every single one?

Maybe drop one for the weekend, and see how it makes you feel. Your thumbs will be thankful for having to scroll less, I’m sure!

Switch off before bed. COVID-19 has played havoc with many people’s sleep schedule, use the time before bed to write a gratitude journal, or spend 30 minutes meditating with apps such as Insight Timer, Calm, MyLife, or Headspace to clear your mind, ditch the negativity and get a great nights’ sleep!

Refer to my post from yesterday, although aimed at teens, it applies to everyone; ask yourself before you post… does the world need to see this and does it put me in a positive light… or am I adding to online negativity?

These are just a few tips on how to spring clean your socials and feel better about what time you do spend online.

Life’s too short for negativity, take a positive step and be the boss of your online space!

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